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SDO Check – Changelog

Version 1.01 (2020-11-10) Both buttons to start a verification were renamed and rearranged, to make it easier for the user to identify them. More valid date-formats were added to the verification algorithm. Version 1.0 (2020-11-05) The first version of SDO-Check is released.


Today we are releasing SDO-Check, our semantic data testing tool! SDO-Check is a free-to-use web-tool that enables the fast and simple verification of annotations. This latest addition to the toolkit allows the input of a code-snippet or a web-page URL and shows the verification result in form of an interactive tree-visualization with
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Update with breaking changes

We are constantly improving the platform to give you the best user experience possible. That is why we need to change a few things in our architecture. That upcoming update will need a change on your site if you are retrieving annotations via Custom ID aka. CID. Background: The cid was planned to be
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