THE NEW WEB? gives your website the power to be perfectly understandable for search engines, intelligent assistants and chatbots by using annotations. gives you easy-to-use annotation creation and deployment.

Why Semantify

Adding structured markup to your website to increase your online visibility on search engines and possibly other channels like intelligent personal assistants and chatbots may be a challenging task. We provide tools to create, publish and validate structured markup. Do you have a lot of internal data and want to publish structured markup? No problem! Either integrate your own wrapper or contact us and we develop one for you.

Your Website

Hotel Tyrol

This secluded, laid-back hotel is 4.5 km from the Olympiaregion Seefeld ski and hiking area, and 5 km from the Wildsee Lake and the Golfclub Seefeld Reith.

{ "@context" : "", "@type" : "Hotel", "name" : "Hotel Pension Tyrol", "url" : "", "address" : { "postalCode" : "6100", "addressCountry" : "Austria", "@type" : "PostalAddress", "addressLocality" : "Brochweg 28", "addressRegion" : "Tyrol", "streetAddress" : "Brochweg 28, 6100 Seefeld in Tirol, Austria" }, "aggregateRating" : { "ratingValue" : 5, "bestRating" : 5, "reviewCount" : 20, "@type" : "AggregateRating" },

Rich Snippet

Hotel Pension Tyrol

20 Google reviews
3-star hotel
Address: Broch-Weg 28, 6100 Telfs, Austria
Phone: +43 5212 4729

Hotel details

This secluded, laid-back hotel is 4.5 km from the Olympiaregion Seefeld ski and hiking area, and 5 km from the Wildsee Lake and the Golfclub Seefeld Reith. …

Free Wi-Fi
Free Breakfast

Features is a software as a service platform that helps you to create, validate, update and publish semantic metadata, annotations, to your website. The main features are described below:

Domain Specifications

No idea which annotations to pick? We got you covered! Our editors are based on domain specific vocabulary subsets!

Annotation validator

The validator checks annotations you just made or annotations on the web for syntactical and semantical correctness.

Plugins & Extensions

You want your annotations inside your favorite CMS? There's a plugin for that! And for mapping data to we provide an extension framework!

Instant Annotations

With instant annotations creating is even easier. Try it right below!

Getting Started

Start with creating your first annotation right now. By clicking on instant annotations you can start annotating right away and produce Google Rich Results compliant meta data. If you can’t find the topic you are looking for, sign up for free and choose from hundreds of domain specific subsets.

Latest news

SDO Check – Changelog

Version 1.01 (2020-11-10) Both buttons to start a verification were renamed and rearranged, to make it easier for the user to identify them. More valid date-formats were added to the verification algorithm. Version 1.0 (2020-11-05) The first version of SDO-Check is released.


Today we are releasing SDO-Check, our semantic data testing tool! SDO-Check is a free-to-use web-tool that enables the fast and simple verification of annotations. This latest addition to the toolkit allows the input of a code-snippet or a web-page URL and shows the verification result in form of an interactive tree-visualization with
Read more…

Update with breaking changes

We are constantly improving the platform to give you the best user experience possible. That is why we need to change a few things in our architecture. That upcoming update will need a change on your site if you are retrieving annotations via Custom ID aka. CID. Background: The cid was planned to be
Read more…


The functions and services is providing are growing. To keep track you will find all the documentation below.


Usage of the annotation publication plugins for Wordpress and Typo3.

Upload API

You need to upload single or collective annotations? Follow the instructions and check out our examples for the upload API usage!


We published some papers describing technologies used in Check them out here!

Download API

There are several ways to download annotations from You'll find a comprehensive list here.

Broker tester

Do you already have annotations on your website? Maybe you wanted to be more visible on a search engine. Maybe the Content Management System you use creates annotations automatically.

With broker, you can have your own queryable knowledge graph. You can even make your products and services directly purchasable by applications like chatbots*! Give it a try, now!
*Currently only available for easybooking customers.

Is your Webpage ready?

Whatever the reason you have annotations, now you can have your own knowledge graph with a click of a button. Just enter your URL and see if your website is eligible for broker!

Grow with Broker Beta

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