Update with breaking changes

We are constantly improving the semantify.it platform to give you the best user experience possible. That is why we need to change a few things in our architecture.

That upcoming update will need a change on your site if you are retrieving annotations via Custom ID aka. CID.


The cid was planned to be unique across our platform. That leads to some problems. For example a extension cannot upload content to multiple websites. That is why we decided to make the cid unique per website.

Changing routes:

The route to retrieve via cid changes from

GET semantify.it/api/annotation/cid/{cid}


GET semantify.it/api/annotation/cid/{websiteUid}/{cid}.

Also the short route will change from

GET smtfy.it/cid/{cid}


GET smtfy.it/cid/{websiteUid}/{cid}.

Additionally if your Annotations are crated with one of our extension (cid starts with “Infomax- “, “GS-” or “OA-“) the prefix will be removed.

An example: If you retrieved your annotation with GET semantify.it/api/annotation/cid/Infomax-00000-en you will have to use GET semantify.it/api/annotation/cid/{website-uid}/00000-en. You can find your websiteUid in via the info button in the website menu on your dashboard.

The new route is available on the Live server from now, but it could possibly deliver the wrong annotation in some very unlikely cases.


The changes will go live on 10.9.2018. Until then you can test the new version on http://staging.semantify.it

See the whole API documentation at http://staging.semantify.it/apidoc


Thank You for your understanding,

the semantify.it developers